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Cutting-edge dough processing technology since 1887

Perfect, perfect, perfect!

It may sound boastful, but that’s exactly how the dough balls made by our divider-rounders are: perfect! That’s because, since the beginning, our vision has been to provide top-notch technologies that allow you to produce large quantities of buns and rolls as perfect as handmade ones. Read more about our story and how we’ve become the company we are today.

image of bread dough
image of a baker's hands with flour

Your hands are what make your bread special.

And that’s what inspired our machines. Prima Duo, Prima Trio, and Prima Evo are precise and efficient divider-rounders, but what really makes them stand out is their ability to mimic the movements of an artisan baker’s hands.

perfect buns and rolls

As a result, they gently handle the dough without stressing it, allowing you to make large quantities of perfect buns and rolls, much like handmade ones. For example, with Prima Evo, you can make up to 9000 pieces per hour.