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    5.300 pieces / per hour
    Double Piston Drum
    Dough pressure adjustment

  • Cutting-edge dough processing technology since 1887
    We manufacture machines and lines for artisan and industrial bakeries of any size, ensuring the best quality and service and meeting every need. Our trademark dough divider-rounders are the epitome of German quality bakery technology.


Our dough divider-rounders are like no other because they process dough as gently and carefully as an artisan baker, ensuring excellent precision and high output. Prima Duo, Prima Trio, and Prima Evo meet the needs of all bakeries, from small artisan to large industrial ones.
  • Prima Duo

    Small to medium-sized bakeries
    Prima Duo is a dough divider-rounder designed to meet the needs of artisan bakeries and medium-sized businesses, ensuring an output of up to 3200 pieces per hour. Thi…
  • Prima Trio

    Medium to large-sized bakeries
    Prima Trio is the latest addition to Trima’s range of dough divider-rounders. It’s perfect for artisan bakeries and medium-sized businesses requiring a compact, high-…
  • Prima Evo

    Large sized-bakeries
    Prima Evo is the best choice for maximum efficiency and results of the highest quality. With a capacity of up to 9000 identical dough pieces per hour, it’s the ideal …
  • Automatic

    “A” automatic divider-rounders are complete, user-friendly machines that gently process dough of any type and texture (e.g., soft, cold-rise, sticky, hard, and leaven…

Complete bakery lines

Our divider-rounders can be used as head machines in complete lines for making buns and rolls of any shape and size. Our complete bakery lines – from the most compact ones to the highly customisable CombiLine – solve all your baking needs.
Smiling baker

« It’s amazing how Trima machines ensure extraordinary dough quality, maximum precision, and high hourly output. »

More than 130 years of history
From Triebes, Germany, to the world

Always by your side

We design and manufacture efficient, reliable, and durable bakery machines and provide after-sales service to support you even after your purchase. And that’s what makes us an ideal partner for your bakery business.