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“A”, the automatic, user-friendly dough divider-rounder

“A” automatic divider-rounders are complete, user-friendly machines that gently process dough of any type and texture (e.g., soft, cold-rise, sticky, hard, and leavened), ensuring consistency and weight accuracy. This way, you can make a wide variety of artisan-quality buns and rolls.
“A” automatic divider-rounders are incredibly reliable and efficient. In addition, their compact size allows them to fit into even the smallest bakery.

Weight Range

16 – 250 g


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    Automatic machine front

    “A” automatic divider-rounders are equipped with interchangeable Teflon-coated stainless steel divider plates, allowing you to work with a wide weight range (16-250 g). These machines are on wheels, making them adapt to any workplace and easy to move so that you can clean underneath them. Cast iron counterweights ensure their stability. In addition, “A” automatic divider-rounders are remarkably efficient because they only run during production.


    Perfect buns and rolls
    “A” automatic divider-rounders allow you to make a wide assortment of buns and rolls as perfect as handmade ones.

    Programmable time
    You can ensure increased consistency by adjusting the rounding space and time based on the dough.

    Divider plates
    The divider plates are interchangeable, ensuring maximum flexibility. You can choose different sizes and weights (16-250 g) and change them quickly without effort.

    Tilting head
    The machine’s tilting head allows for quick and easy cleaning, maintenance, and servicing.

    Utmost precision with any dough

    The divider plates and rounding head always ensure the ideal rounding space for the dough. In addition, you can adjust the rounding space and time to any dough (soft, hard, cold-rise, and leavened) so that the pieces can be divided, applying the exact pressure on them.

    Stress-free for the dough and the operator

    “A” automatic divider-rounders are operated by a special hydraulic system, which adapts to the dough and its proofing level. This maintenance-free hydraulic system prevents any stress on the dough (even proofed dough), allowing it to retain its structure. This way, you’ll always get consistent, high-quality products with the same weight.

    Safe and effective

    Using an “A” automatic divider-rounder couldn’t be easier. Insert the rounding plate with pressed dough into the machine. Use both hands to operate the machine, which will automatically start upon lowering the dough ring. Once the rounding procedure is complete, the machine opens automatically, and you can easily remove the rounding plate. These machines are all about efficiency: while they automatically press, divide, and round one batch of dough, you can remove the rounded pieces or prepare another rounding plate.

    Quick and easy to clean

    To clean your “A” automatic divider-rounder, remove the upper cover. Then, tilt the divider plate upwards (this is made easy by the gas spring). Place the stainless steel blade in the cleaning position. Now, you can safely remove the dough ring and wipe the Teflon-coated divider plates clean.

    Data Sheet

    Automatic machine logo

    Ideal for making even, weight-accurate, high-quality dough portions with a weight ranging from 16 to 250 g.
    Suitable for any dough – soft, hard, cold-rise, or leavened – to make rolls as perfect as artisan ones.

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