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Tetra Line is the complete line for making high-quality square and rectangular rolls. This line consists of a Tetra dough divider (head machine) and other machines that mould the dough into the desired shape and sprinkle the resulting rolls with seeds. Tetra Line can produce up to 6000 dough pieces per hour. In addition, you can easily control every stage through the touchscreen.

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    Tetra Line
    Tetra line machine
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    The fully automatic 5-pocket dough divider for artisan-quality square rolls

    Various square rolls with no effort
    This fully automatic 5-pocket dough divider for square rolls has a spreader and allows you to seed one or both sides of the rolls. It gently processes any dough even when working at full capacity. In addition, it can easily be operated by just one person through the touchscreen.

    Easy to use
    The dough is fed into the 35 kg hopper without pressing and time-consuming strand-forming. A dough strand belt feeder is available for special dough.

    Kind to the dough
    The dough is fed through a set of rollers, automatically forming a dough strand of the required thickness. An automatic duster ensures easy dough belt movement. This square roll machine offers the exclusive advantage of sprinkling grains on the rollers to incorporate them into the dough. It also allows you to sprinkle cheese on the dough strand. Next, the dough strand is divided into 5 strips in the slitter and then into squares by the cross cutter. You can set the length of the dough pieces. This machine can also work with a punch with interchangeable dies, ensuring excellent product variety. Next, the dough pieces are placed on spreader belts and conveyed to the wetting/seeding station, where they are sprayed with water and seeded.
    If they are seeded on both sides, the dough pieces are lifted and turned on the spreader belt and then sprayed with water and seeded.
    Finally, the rolls are conveyed to the proofer.

    Touchscreen control
    The square roll line is controlled through the touchscreen, which allows you to set all the parameters, including the rolls’ length, height, and weight, the machine’s speed (depending on the dough), dough feed, stamping tools, wetting and seeding units, and delivery patterns. You can save all the settings for future use. Operating and alert messages are also displayed.

    The machine’s wide doors and stainless steel surfaces make cleaning and maintenance quick and easy. Excess seeds are collected in a container and reused. Other options are available upon request.

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