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Cutting-edge bakery machines since 1887

From establishment
to World War II

TRIMA Triebeser Maschinenbau GmbH’s story begins in 1887, when Herbert Schröder set up a craft business in Langenwetzendorf, Germany. One day, a baker asked for a machine that could process dough, and Herbert created one from scratch, much to the baker’s satisfaction.
In 1902, the business – which had about ten employees by then – relocated to Triebes and started specialising in bakery machines. The company kept growing over time, manufacturing an increasing number of ever-evolving dough moulders and dividers. The construction of our current facility began in 1940 when the workforce had grown to 40 people.
Dough divider and molder developed and built in Triebes around 1930
Staffelstein, in Bavaria

From the post-war years
to German reunification

After World War II, the company was put into administration. In 1953, it was nationalised and renamed VEB Bäckereimaschinenfabrik Fortuna, manufacturing bakery machines for the domestic market. In 1959, part of the bakery machine production was outsourced, and the company changed its name again. From then on until 1990, the company manufactured special machines for the food and woodworking industries.
As a result of the nationalisation in 1953, the then owners moved to Staffelstein, in Bavaria, where they established the Edmund Schröder Maschinenfabrik.
Trima factory day
Trima factory day

From 1990 to the present day
Trima: an internationally acclaimed brand.

In 1990, after German reunification, Trima and Fortuna started cooperating. In particular, Fortuna resumed bakery machine production in Triebes. Initially, they were mainly Schröder machines, but gradually, more Trima machines were developed, like the famous Fortuna KM2 head machine, KM4 (with up to 6 pockets), square roll maker, and dough checkweigher. For more than 15 years, Trima and Fortuna jointly manufactured and sold these machines, with Trima providing sales and service for Fortuna products in Eastern Germany.
However, this cooperation ended in 2006 when Schröder Maschinenfabrik went bankrupt. Since then, all of our bakery machines have been marketed under the Trima brand.